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Geometry...not getting this

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JOhn and Jason are standing 12 feet apart. Julie is standing 31 degrees NW of Jason. John is standing 49 degrees SW of Julie. can you uniquely determine how they stand with respect to each other? on what basis?

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    I don't think you have enough information.

    I started by placing Jason
    Draw a vertical from Jason than Julie is 31° W of that.
    Place Julie anywhere an that line
    Draw a vertical at Julie
    Draw a line 49° W of that vertical to place John who is anywhere on that line
    Join the line between Jason and John, label it 12 feet
    Now the line between the verticals of Jason and Julie is a transversal between parallel lines, so the angle formed at Julie is 31+49 or 80°

    So in the triangle you only have one angle and one side, which is not enough to determine the triangle

  • Geometry...not getting this - ,

    so do you think the answer is no, that in the triangle there is only one angle and one side which is not enough to determine the triangle?

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