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I'm going to write a list of simple sentences to be used with my six-year-old child in an attempt to make him learn English. Can you help me, please?

1)Go and get your beach towel?
2) How do you call plastic bowls you can use on the beach?
Is the white bowl called "jack"?
3)Someone throws the jack and the other players have to throw their bowls as nearer to it as possible.
4) How do you call a marble made of plastic which chldren play with on the beach? They make tracks in the beach and then they hit (strike?)the marble using their forefinger and thumb???
5)How do you call this game?
She likes putting a nail varnish of a different color on her nails.
6) Let's go for a swim in the sea.
7) He likes picking up little stones (from the beach) and throwing them into the water (sea?).
8) I don't like pebble beaches.
I prefer my child to learn Italian first so that he can concentrate on his English afterwards.
9) I need to go through a book prepararing students to the first certificate in English. It focuses on phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions.

Is the word off-piste skiing used in English?

Thank you very much.

  • English -

    2) What do you call

    bowls? OR marbles? or balls?

    3) as near to it as possible

    5) putting nail polish (we don't use "varnish" for nails

    8) afterward seems more formal speech

    9) for the first certificate

    More and more North Americans are using the term "off-piste" but you might hear "off the beaten track" or "cross country."


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