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A ray of light enters the top of a glass of water at an angle of 36 degrees with the vertical. What is the angle between the refracted ray and vertical?

The answer is 26 degrees but I keep getting 22 degrees.
I used snell's law: n1sinθ1=n2sinθ2
for n1 I thought it would be air: n=1.00
θ1=36 degrees
I thought n2 would be the water so n=1.33
and θ2 is what I am trying to find. When I plug everything in I get 22. So what am I doing wrong?
Am I using the wrong n values?

  • physics -

    sin36=4/3 * sin Theta

    sintheta= 3/4 * sin36=.4408
    Theta(angle of refraction)=26deg, measured from the normal.

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