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A string with a linear density of 0.035 kg/m and a mass of 0.014 kg is clamped at both ends. Under what tension in the string will it have a fundamental frequency of 100 Hz?

The correct answer is 270N but I don't know how to get there.

Here are some of the equations we can use but if you know of others feel free to mention them.
v=(square root)F/(m/L)

Thanks for the help and please indicate which equation you chose if you end up picking one of the ones I have above.

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    freq*lambda= v=sqrt(F/linearmassdensity)

    lambda= 2*length= 2* mass/(massdenstiy)
    = .028/(.035) meters=.8m

    solve for tension F.



    recheck my work to see if there is an error, I don't see it.

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