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Homework Help: English

Posted by Henry2 on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 5:26pm.

Can you please help me express the following concepts in English? Check the word choice, please.

1) My mother wanted to make a great pianist of me.
She always reminds me of my inability to play the piano.
2) The English language is made up of a collection of dialects so different-sounding from each other as to seem like numerous foreign language.
3) We get every day to the beach (seaside). Our (rent?) house lies five minutes from the beach (a five-minute walk from the beach?).
4) We get up very late and we never reach (?) the beach before ten.
We have hired a sun umbrella and two dun beds.
5) As soon as we get there, we smear ourselves (??) with sun lotion and then we go for a walk along the shore.
The children love splashing (or sprinking/spraying) one another with water, building sand castles and little holes to be filled with water.
6) They keep their toys, such as buckets, shovels, rakes and sieves in a small net (a beach bag with little holes??).
7) When they are in the water (in the sea) they throw the ball to one another trying not to let it fall.
They sometimes calculate how long they can dive (remain under water?).
8) They can do the crawl (swim freestyle??), the breaststroke and the butterfly but they can't do the backstroke.

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