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Iron forms two chlorides.One gram of the first chloride produces 2.26g of silver chloride and one gram of the second chloride produces 2.65g of silver chloride.Prove that these data illustrate the law of multiple proportions

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    well, if it is the law of multiple proportions, the increase chlorine in one of the chlorides is a whole number ratio.

    You know AgCl is the formula for silver chloride, and chlorine represents a percent of the mass (35.4/(35.2+107.8)=24.7 percent

    so the chlorine in each sample is
    a) 2.26*.247=.558 grams Cl
    b) 2.65*.247=.655 grams Cl

    Now each of the chlorides had a total mass of 1 gram, so the iron in each one
    was (1-.558)=.442grams
    and (1-.655)=.345 grams.

    now we look at mole ratios
    first chloride
    moles iron: .442/55.8
    moles chloride=.558/35.4
    ratio of chloride to iron moles:
    ratio moles firstsample: .558*55.8/.442*35.4=2
    second chloride:
    moles iron=
    ratio moles second sample:

    That sure looks like whole number ratios to me.

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