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a man measured the angle of elevation of the top of a tower to be 70 degree. When he walked 300 m. further, the angle of elevation of the top was 35 degree. What is the height of the tower?

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    make a diagram

    label the tower AB , where A is the top of the tower.
    label the man's first position C, his second position D
    so that DC = 300
    Look at triangle ADC,
    angle D = 35°
    angle ACD = 110° , so then
    angle DAC = 35°

    so the triangle is isosceles (lucky) and AC = 300
    Then in the right-angled triangle ACB ,
    sin70 = AB/300
    AB = 300sin70 = 281.9 m

    (had the triangle not been isosceles, I would have used the Sine Law to find AC )

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    A BOY OBSERVED THAT THE ANGLE OF ELEVATION OF THE TOP OF A TOWER IS 32 Degree HE THEN WALKS 8m Towards The Tower And THEN DISCOVER THAT THE OF Angle Of Elevation Is 43degree .Find The Height Of The Tower

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