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A company makes three products X, Y and Z. Each product requires processing by three machines A, B and C. The time required to produce one unit of each product is shown below.

Product X:-
Machine A: 1
Machine B: 2
Machine C: 2

Product Y:
Machine A:2
Machine B: 2
Machine C: 2

Product Z:
Machine A:2
Machine B: 1
Machine C:4

The machines are available for 200, 525 and 350 hours each month. How many units of each product can be manufactured per month if all three machines are utilized to their full capacity?


    This problem is very similar to the one about electronic parts, namely set up the equations, solve for the answers and check the results.

    If you would work out your answers and post the results for checking, I would be glad to do the verifications for you.

    If you encounter problems on the way , tell us how far you got, and what the difficulty is.

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