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Select 2 cards from a deck of 52,

a. Find the probability of getting 2 hearts

b. Find the probability of getting a heart on the 2nd draw given that you got a heart on the first draw

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    A. There are 13 hearts from a standard deck of 52 cards. Therefore, there is a 13/52, or 1/4, chance of choosing a heart. Now, there are 12 out of 51 hearts to choose from. The probability of choosing a second heart is 12/51, or 4/17. Thus, the probability of drawing 2 hearts is 1/4*4/17 = 1/17.

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    Without replacment


    pr(second heart|firstcard was heart)=12/51

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    Refer to A. for the answer to b.

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    Oops, I meant 12 hearts out of 51 cards, not 51 hearts.

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