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Posted by Max on Monday, July 11, 2011 at 6:49pm.

For homework, I have to use those two lessons that Julie learned in the novel Julie of the Wolves to make an essay. Here is the essay. Would you please give feedback?

The story Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George is about a girl named Julie, who is called Miyax in Eskimo villages. For the most part of the story, Julie is lost in the Alaskan tundra in the winter looking for her father, Kapugen, a skilled hunter. While doing that, Julie learns several lessons crucial to survival: learning to communicate with wolves and knowing that the "hour of the Eskimo and wolf is over", which means traditional Eskimo life has changed to modern ways.

First of all, Julie learned to communicate with a nearby wolf pack while she was looking for food in the wilderness of Alaska. While lying face down on a bank of snow, she carefully observed the wolves' motions and behavior. After days of watching, Julie learned to tell a pup to lie down, how to ask for food from the adult wolves, and to hail the leader of the pack, Amaroq. At one point, the wolf pack killed a caribou right in front of her shelter, and they shared the meat with Julie. By learning the wolf language, Julie could survive with support from the wolves. Without this valuable knowledge, Julie wouldn't have been able to survive in the tundra for a long time. She would only last for a few weeks.

In addition, Julie learned that traditional Eskimo life has changed to modern life. Julie learned this lesson when she visited her father Kapugen and his new family in the town of Kangik. She realizes if she continues to live her traditional ways, she may be able to survive, but she will be lonely. Therefore, at the end of the story, Julie pointed her boots toward Kapugen once again. Julie also figured out that she could still do good living the modern life. She realizes that if she lives this new life, she may be able to be rich and to prosper in a town like Kangik, just as what Kapugen did. She would be able to support a town with lots of food and money.

As you can see, the lessons Julie learns throughout the story Julie of the Wolves are crucial to her survival. If she didn't learn any of those lessons, she wouldn't be able to survive in the tundra and in the modern Eskimo community.

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