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Whats wrong with my essay i got F on this? Critique please

Better Friend
According to the article, “women have a higher quality when it comes to relationship than men”. Having friends is important because they know our assets and our flaws. In a relationship, Men tend to be quiet and less emotional, while women are good listeners and vocal to what they feel. For many reasons, women are better at handling relationships than men.
First of all, “Women have a deeper relationship than men”, were according to article. Women have face-to-face friendships. Women are vocal when sharing their problems to their friends. In result. They develop deeper relationships with each other. While men base their friendship on activities, they can talk about basketball or cars the whole day, but their conversation has limits. Men can’t talk about their problems to each other because that’s the nature of men. According to t5he article “In surveys, men routinely list their spouses as their best friends”, men relies on women to fulfill their emotional needs.
Also, when it comes to friendship relationships women are more listeners than men. Men are rational; they don’t have time to listen to other people’s problems because they only want to listen to something that will make them feel better. While girls are open minded, they listen to every detail that the other person is saying whether it is a problem or not, and they always give feedbacks.
Finally, Women are reliable. According to the article, “Men feel their greater support from women”, Women are natural cheerers, and they know how they can support a friend. A mother is a perfect example of how reliable a woman can be, She bases her decisions emotionally and always thinks about her family before her. Women are reliable that they can help their friends in a heart beat.
To sum up my discussion, Women have a higher quality than men when it comes to handling friendships. Both men and Women feel closer to females who give support. No one in this world can live without a friend on their side whether it is a man or a woman. Friends are important to everyone’s life and can learn from each other. Everyone needs a friend to be able to enjoy life.

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