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Math-Can u help me Reiny?

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I am stuck with the 3 venn diagrams now...

A survey of vegetable gardeners showed the following:

63 grew tomatoes
26 grew cucumbers
38 grew zucchini
18 grew both tomatoes and cucumbers
22 grew both tomatoes and zucchini
19 grew both cucumbers and zucchini
14 grew all three types
18 grew none of these three

(a) How many grew only zucchini?
(b) How many grew both cucumbers and zucchini, but not tomatoes?
(c) How many grew only cucumbers?
(d) How many grew none of these three or only tomatoes?
(e) How many vegetable gardeners were surveyed?

  • Math-Can u help me Reiny? -

    I have found the following aid to work. Cut circles from transparent film, or cello, and label each (tomatores, cukes, etc). For instance, one has a label 63 tomatoes.

    Now start to overlap them per the data, labeling each overlap.

    It wont take you but a few seconds then to do the math.

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