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On a recent ski trup to Vermont, Mr Backman wanted to beat Mr S's ski jump recor. Mr B left the ski jump ramp with an initial velocit of 37.0 m/s and angle of 27 degrees from the horizontal.
a) What is the maximum height theat Mr B reaches above the jump point?
b) How far down the slop does Mr B land if the slope falls off at 35 degrees?

\ <- slope

  • Physics -

    a. Vo = 37m/s @ 27 deg.
    Vo(v) = 37sin37 = 16.8m/s.

    Vf^2 = Vo^2 + 2gd,
    d = (Vf^2-Vo^2) / 2a
    d = (0-(16.8))^2 / 19.6 = 14.4m = height.

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