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Use the five steps for problem sovling.

Company A charges $25 per month plus $0.22 per minute for cell phone service. Company B charges $35 per month plus $0.12 per minute. How many minutes of usage is needed in one month to make Company B a better deal?

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    What are the five steps you are supposed to use?

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    Help with solving don't need five steps . Thanks

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    I need help with this problem.

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    .12m + 35 < .22m + 25

    The five step-method is probably a term your teacher uses, and is not generally known.
    The number of steps shouldn't really matter.
    Here is the way I would do this ....

    .12m + 35 < .22m + 25
    -.1m < -10
    m > 100

    so for usage of more than 100 minutes, plan B would be better
    check with a number like 150 minutes

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