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Posted by adriana on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 5:45pm.

can someone help me revise/edit my anthropology survey paper

Here is my paper attached to the question:
Sociology in general, is the study of societies and groups of people that have familiar backgrounds, interests, or institutions. Some examples of society are countries, parishes, communities, or any area that includes large residents. Sociology intertwines with similar subjects that deal with the study of humans and how events affect them such as, history, anthropology, physiology, finances, and political science. The survey conducted revolved around three main topics: social groups, collective behavior, and cultural influences as well as some miscellaneous information. Political science, how Bible believing Christians values influence politics, the historical records that scripture informs us about dealing with the different interactions and the groups of people in the Old Testament that sociologists have started studying today, and lastly, cultural anthropology which is the study a group of people and their culture, can influence a society.
The survey was conducted in a couple of ways. The individuals in this survey were interviewed but a few surveys’ had to be e-mailed. The people that were questioned were people from church, Bible study, and some teachers from the past. When conducting the surveys two methods were used which were statistics, meaning the information was converted into a data form. Selected sampling was another method that was used in this survey, which is a sample from groups of people that were different in age and background. Selected sampling tends to be more accurate than random sampling. The individuals who considered themselves Bible believing Christians were more likely to be a conservative in their beliefs. Every question that was asked got a reply. Before interviewing them, they were informed that they did not have to answer all the questions if they did not feel comfortable answering it. A sociologist cannot poll everyone’s opinion when he is conducting a survey. They go from a more general study such as studying an institution to the more specific such as surveying a handful of people from that institution.
What is a social group? A group in general is a set of citizens who come collectively with the same or familiar interests. A group that provides a public purpose or has been around for a period is an institution. An institution comprises of family, marriage, and education. The statistics showed that fifteen percent of the citizens did not get an education after high school, forty percent had one to four years as well as 5-9 years, and only five percent had ten to fourteen years of instructions. The average years of marriage were 28.7 years. The average number of extended relatives was 10.3. In the nuclear family, the average number of people living in the home was only 1.27. There are two groups within the social group and they are primary and secondary. Primary groups are those who are close to you, for example, family and churches would be listed under this category. The church is considered a primary group because Christians are part of the family of God. This group is important in order for our society to exist. The secondary group includes people that you work with. Fifty-five percent of the individuals worked in the profession field such as teaching, working for IBM, or being a Youth Pastor. Ten percent were blue-collar workers a factory worker for example, five percent were white-collar workers as well clerical workers, and fifteen percent did not have vocations or they were retired. Everyone falls under the primary and secondary group.
Cultures describe the way people from a society act and think. Culture in general is describing society’s language, intelligence, skills, beliefs, and values. It seems that religion influences people’s upbringing. Every person that participated in the interview was a Bible believing Christian. Christian’s viewpoint and principles should be different compared to the secular world.
Collective behavior refers to people’s behavior as a group instead of as an individual. This category also includes people’s opinions and viewpoints on certain issues. Collective performance can be an unorganized or a structured group. As the body of Christ, our collective behavior should exemplify Christ. I asked them if they considered themselves conservative, liberal, or moderate in their beliefs. Ninety percent of them said they were conservative, five percent were ultra-conservative, and five percent considered themselves moderate in their beliefs.
Here is some miscellaneous information that might be of interest. Another question that was asked was how long had they lived in North Carolina. The statistics are as following, thirty-five percent have live in here for at least one to twenty years and twenty -one to forty -one years. Twenty percent have lived in North Carolina for forty- two to sixty two and lastly ten percent have live here for over sixty-two years. Some folks were born and raised here. After asking them this question, I asked how long they have lived at their current address. The data showed that eighty percent have lived at their current address for at least one to twenty years and twenty percent have lived at their address for at least twenty-one to forty- one years.
The next random question that was asked was what types of cars they drove. After collecting the data, the information was organized by foreign, domestic, and luxuries cars. Thirty five percent of the individuals drove a foreign made car. Only thirty percent of the people drove domestic cars. Driving SUV’s was at twenty percent and lastly, the least percentage of the individuals that drove luxuries cars was fifteen percent.
Sociology does play an important for in the Christian life. We may not realize it but the family and the church can influence a society. This topic also helps individuals better understand what groups he belongs in and who they are as a believer. Sometimes you hear people say, I will never make a difference in other people’s lives, which is not true. As Christians, if you understand that you are called by God to do a mighty work then you will be able to make a difference in the lives of others and witness to them through your actions or the things you say. Our culture and society is influenced by Christian faith.

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