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Math 209

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If a cylindrical container has a volume of cubic feet, then its surface
area S in square feet (excluding the top and bottom) is given by S = s=(2π )/r where r is the radius of the cylinder.

(a) Calculate S when r =1/2 foot
(b) What happens to this surface area when r becomes large? Sketch this situation

  • Math 209 -

    My Eq for surface area(excluding top and bottom) does not agree with yours.

    My Eq: S = 2pi*rh.
    r = radius.
    h = height.

    Please check your Eq.

    a. S = 2*3.14*0.5*h = 3.14h.

    b. The surface ara increases with r.


  • Math 10 -

    A cylinder has a surface area of 250cm2. The height is twice as big as the radius. What is the height of the cylinder?

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