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due to continued growth, our local claims office is interviewing applicants who are interested in processing medical claims. background in bookkeeping, accounting, banking, or medical terminology and/or keyboard skills, is preferred. a stable work history required. our training program can start your career in the insurance field. if you have the background and skills we are looking for, we invite you to call and set up an appointment to discuss these positions. we offer an attractive benefit package and a four-day workweek.

1. Rosalin is preparing to interview for the job described in the ad. her resume contains the five facts listed below. which should she talk about in the interview?

a. part-time job as a theater usher
b.babysitting experience
c. summer jobs in the hospital and doctor's office

2. five applicants described below answered the ad and applied for the job. among the applicants , who has the most appropriate work experience called for in the advertisement?

a. jan has been a bookkeeper for five years.
b. jill has been a photographer for six months
c. fred has been a teller at five banks for five banks in the last six years

3. the job described would most likely satisfy a person who strongly values

a. creating something new
b. having predictable duties
c. taking risks
d. receiving public recognition

4. the following five statements are about the job described in the ad. which one is a statement of opinion rather than fact?

a. the job provides on-the-job training
b. the job is an entry level position
c. the job offers a compensation package of salary and benefits
d. the job involves use of medical terminology and word processor
E. the job is the best way to begin a career in the insurance field

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    1. C
    2. A
    3. B
    4. E
    what i got

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    Great! I agree with all of your answers!

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    which of the following statement?

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    the job is an entry level position

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    3 1 2 5

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    I agree with all of the answer

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    number 1 is summer jobs in the hospital and doctor office. how they but c it not about that

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