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Posted by ReeSha on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 2:44pm.

The Hill of Tara in Ireland is a place of great archaeological importance. This region has been occupied by people for more than 4,000 years. Geomagnetic surveys detect subsurface anomalies in the earth's magnetic field. These surveys have led to many significant archaeological discoveries. After collecting data, the next step is to begin a statistical study. The following data measure magnetic susceptibility (centimeter-gram-second 10−6) on two of the main grids of the Hill of Tara.
Grid E: x variable
14.51 14.88 35.23 17.10 24.87 6.74 13.77
21.17 11.18 13.77 35.60 28.20 11.55 7.85
Grid H: y variable
16.11 40.55 23.63 51.83 20.81 17.52 45.25
46.19 12.35 10.00 46.66 26.92 13.29 24.10

(a) Compute x, x2, y, y2. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)
x =__
x2 = ___
y = ___
y2 = ___

(b) Use the results of part (a) to compute the sample mean, variance, and standard deviation for x and for y. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)
Grid E: x =
s2 =
s =
Grid H: y =
s2 =
s =

(c) Compute a 75% Chebyshev interval around the mean for x values and also for y values. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)
Grid E:
11 to 12

Grid H:
13 to 14

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