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Posted by Marion on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 1:25am.

Caren Smith opened a medical practice. During July, the first month of operation, the business, titled Caren Smith, M.D., experienced the following events:
Jul 6

Smith invested $55,000 in the business by opening a bank account in the name of C. Smith, M.D. The business gave capital to Smith.


Purchased medical supplies for $1,800 on account.

Officially opened for business.

During the rest of the month, Smith treated patients and earned service revenue of $8,000, receiving cash.

Paid cash expenses: employees’ salaries, $1,600; office rent, $900; utilities, $100.

Returned supplies purchased on the 12th for the cost of those supplies, $700.

Paid $1,100 on account.
1. Analyze the effects of these events on the accounting equation of the medical practice of Caren Smith, M.D. Use a format similar to that of Exhibit 1-6, with headings for Cash; Medical supplies; Land; Accounts payable; and Smith, capital.

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