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Homework Help: Resources For Educating Young Children, Part 1

Posted by beth on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 7:43pm.

I was wondering if you could please help me

My questions are

3. Which one of the following is true regarding group activities?

a) Its not necessary for each child to participate
b) a role should be planned for each child in the activity
c) activities should focus on a specific developmental level
d) activities should provide ample opportunity for self direction

5. Stuart is adding fractions. You guide him through one problem, which he solves; then you repeat the process with a similar one. One the third problem, he looks at you expectantly. Which on of the continuum of teaching techniques would be most appropriate to use in this situation?

a) co-constructing
b) withholding attention
c) facilitating
d) acknowledging

13. Which one of the following statements is true concerning developmentally appropriate practice?
a) a child falling into the slow range of mathematical ability would be expected to fall into the slow range of linguistic skills as well

b)it’s best to focus on only one particular behaviour when assessing appropriate behaviour

c) assessing patterns is a more useful practice than assessing isolated behaviours

d) as a general rule, children don’t follow a predictable pattern of development so assigned categories are irrelevant.

16. Tom enjoys writing and is very good at interpreting directives. His preferred leering modality is
a) visual/spatial

17. Which one of the following statements concerning discipline is true?
a) discipline is guidance
b)one purpose of sic line is to help children develop inner controls for behaviour
c)young children instinctively know when they are misbehaving
d) if you wish to minimize problems of misbehaviour, create as many rules as possible.

My answers are
3 A
5 C
16B 17B

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