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Could you please check these statements, please? Thank you very much.

1) When the monster comes to life, Victor is horrified by the monster's physical appearance.
2)His pearly white teeth and shiny black hair contrast with his dull, yellow eyes, shrivelled complexion and sallow skin. His skin was so transparent that one could see the pulsing work of his veins, muscles and arteries.
3) Could you please tell me if there is a difference in the pronunciation between "Jews"and juice"? Is the "s" voiced in "Jews"?
4)Evelince is dissatisfied (unsatisfied) with her present job.
5) Can you please read in your book at page 13?
6)You wrote your questions on the foolscap paper instead of using the sheet of paper provided (by the examiner)

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    2) Because the rest of this is in the historical present, you might like to change "was" to "is."

    5) either "at" or "on"

    If #3 is a question for us = yes


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    #3 -- Jews sounds like jewz; juice sounds like joose

    #4 -- "Eveline" (spelling)

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