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Homework Help: English grammer

Posted by Eddie on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 4:44pm.

I need to identify the subject, verb, and any complements (direct object, indirect object, subject complement, objective complement) and the prepositional phrases
of the following sentances.

I thought i had them more or less right but when i turned them in i got 59% and i dont know what i have right or wrong
If you can please let me know what i have right and some hints about the wrong parts, because im having alot of trouble figuring all this out.

1. On Friday Esther showed the jeweler an antique necklace
On Friday = Prep phrase
Esther = Subject
showed = verb
Jeweler = Direct Object
necklace = object compliment

2. Dianna gave George a cold shoulder at the party.
Diana = Subject
gave= verb
George = Direct Object
shoulder = Object compliment
at the party = prep phrase

3 The pilot told the crew chief about the damages
Pilot = Subject
told = verb
chief = Direct object
about the damages = prep phrase

4. Take the book to your mother
Take = verb
book = subject
to your mother = prep phrase

5 Sandy“s throw to first base was short
Throw = subject
to first base = prep phrase
was = verb
short = subject compliment

6. Maine“s eastern boundary is the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean
Boundary = subject
is = verb
edge = subject compliment
of the atlantic ocean = prep phrase

7. The grey-blue ocean stretched out before him
ocean= subject
stretched = verb
before him = prep phrase

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