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Posted by Henry2 on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 2:49pm.

Can you please tell me if the term "overreacher" is appropriate is sentence 4 and if the word choice in the other sentences is correct?
I need your help in expressing 5-6.

1) When considering your dissertation there is a link to the theme of the double which we dealt with in class. 2) They opposed the laws of nature as far as creation is concerned.
3) The ancient mariner shoots the albatross for no apparent reason whereas Frankenstein creates a human being by joining parts of selected corpses.
4) What is the subtitle to Shelley's Frankenstein symbolic of?
Frankenstein is compared to Prometheus, who in Greek mythology was a giant who stole fire from the Gods in order to give it to men. He is therefore an example of an overreacher (???), just like Dr Frankenstein.
5)You proved to have a very good/good/a fairly good/an adequate knowledge of the literary topics you were asked to write about.
6) As for language accuracy, you made a few/many grammar/spelling mistakes and were able to use a wide range of vocabulary.

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