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A rectangular coil of 70 turns, dimensions 0.100 m by 0.200 m and total resistance 10.0 ohms, rotates with angular speed 32.0 rad/s about the y axis in a region where a 1.00 T magnetic field is directed along the x axis. The rotation is initiated so that the plane of the coil is perpendicular to the direction of vector B at t = 0.
(a) Calculate the maximum induced emf in the coil.

(b) Calculate the maximum rate of change of magnetic flux through the coil.

(c) Calculate the induced emf at t = 0.0500 s.

(d) Calculate the torque exerted on the coil by the magnetic field at the instant when the emf is a maximum.

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    a. induced current i = emf/R

    emf e = NawB coswt
    = 70*0.1*0.2 * 32 *1 * cos 32
    = 38 volts
    b. rate of change of flux = emf = 38 volts

    c. emf e= AdB/dt= 72*0.1*0.2 * 1/5
    = 0.288 volts

    d. torque T = NiABw coswt

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