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1. Consider the conductance meter and the titration method of determining the salt content of a brine sample. Discuss at least two advantages and two disadvantages of each method.
2. A corrosion technologist pipetted a 50.00 mL sample of an unknown brine and titrated it with 37.64 mL of 0.1024 M silver nitrate solution. Calculate the ppm salt (NaCl) in the sample.
3. If a salty crude sample was analyzed to have 110.6 ppm salts, calculate the pounds of salt per 1000 bbls of crude

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    I'll leave #1 for you. After you've done the titrations you can better discuss the adv and disadv.
    #2. moles AgNO3 used = M x L = 0.03764 x 0.1024 = 0.003854 moles.
    moles NaCl = 0.003854
    grams NaCl = moles x molar mass = 0.003854 x 58.44 = 0.22525 grams NaCl in a 50 mL sample which is
    0.22525/50 = 0.00450 g NaCl/mL.
    Change that to mg/L and that will be ppm.

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