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I forgot to include these other statements. ThANK YOU.

1)Where did the Aesthetic movement originate and what was it characterized by?
2) What affects the development of the human psyche according to Freud? What did Freud mean by super-ego?
3) The only possible spelling is: 20th-century writers OR twentieth-century writers, OR 20th century writers??

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    1. Movement is also capitalized = Aesthetic Movement


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    #3 - yes

    In the twentieth century, there were two world wars and many revolutions.
    [In this sentence, "twentieth" is an adjective, modifying "century."]

    John Steinbeck was a twentieth-century writer.
    [In this sentence, "twentieth-century" is hyphenated because together they are acting as an adjective modifying "writer."]

    The Lost Generation is a name given to a group of 20th-century writers and artists who fled the US and lived in France.
    [Same as the second example.]

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