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The following reaction:

2SO3 (g) ! 2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) has an equilibrium constant equal to 0.23 M. If the following concentrations are present:

[SO2] =0.480 M, [O2] = 0.561 M, [SO3] = 0.220 M, is the reaction at equilibrium? If not, which way must it shift to reach equilibrium?

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    Find the reaction quotient or Q.
    Q = (SO2)^2 x (O2)/(SO3)^2
    Q = (0.480)^2(0.561)/(0.220)^2
    Q = 2.67
    Compare this to K = 0.23 in the problem.
    Q is to high meaning SO2 and O2 are too high and SO3 is too low; therefore, it much shift to the left to reach equilibrium. That way SO2 and O2 are lowered and SO3 is raised.

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