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Posted by Henry2 on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 3:35pm.

I just have a few more questions to you.
As for 1) I just want to know if punctuation is correct and if distinguish is followed by "among" or not. In 3) I just want to know if "and" is needed. In 2) and 4) I'd like you to check the word choice.

1) The interior monologue has the following features: First, it is immediate since it lacks the conventional sintax and it is free from introductory expressions; second, it doesn't follow a chronological or a logical formal order of events and time is perceived as subjective; third, the rules of punctuation are not respected. More specifically, it is necessary to distinguish (among)thre kinds of interior monologue.
2) Virginia Woolf never lets Mrs. Ramsay's flow of thoughts be without control (also: Mrs Ramsay's thoughts flow without control) and mantains grammatical and logical organization.
3) A powerful belief emerged that the races ofthe world were divided by fundamental physical and intellectual differences and (?) that some people were destined (doomed also possible?) to be led by others.
4) The Victorians thought it as a mission thrust by God to impose their superior way of life on native peoples.

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