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an ice skater starts out traveling with a velocity of (-3,-7) m/s. he performs a 3 second maneuver and ends with a velocity of (0, 5) m/s. (a) what is his average acceleration over this period? (b) a different ice skater starts with the same initial velocity, accelerates at (1.5, 3.5) m/s2 for 2 seconds, and then at (0, 5 m.s2 for 1 seconds. what is his final velocity?


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    (a) The components of the average acceleration and the changes in the velocity components,(3, 12) divided by the time interval. You do the numbers

    (b) Add the two different velocity vector changes during the two time intervals PLUS the initial velocity vector.

    You have only specified one component of the acceleration during the last 1 second. Perhaps you did not copy the question correctly.

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