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Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected.
1.Although farmers complained that the company's new product was expensive,malodorous,and dangerous to handle(A),there was(B) few who would dispute(C) its effectiveness as(D) a insecticide.No error(E).
2.Since the government was(A) bankrupt,many of the soldiers which(B) were sent to quell(C)the riots had not been(D) paid in months.No error.
3.The gods of Greek mythology,who were neither(A) omniscient nor particularly(B) ethical,amused themselves by taking on(C) disguises and medding(D) in the affairs of morals.No error(E).
4.For my sister and I(A),the trip to Paris was fulfillment(B) of a lifelong wish we had scarcely(C) dared to express(D).No error(E)
5.The first woman aviator to cross(A) the English Channel,Harriet Quimby flown by a(B) monoplane(C) from Dover,England,to Hardelot,France.In(D) 1912.No error(E).

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    I'll ignore the (A), (B) etc. because it is too confusing to try to figure out why they are there!

    1. WERE (not was few)
    2. strange to say "which" because I like "who" so much better!
    3. "in the affairs of morals" seems strange but if you can accept that = no error
    4. and me (not for I)
    5. definitely NOT "flown by" because she was not flown, but the monoplane was!


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