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I need a help.I give a exam 2days later.
Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected.
1.Unlike folk dancers(A),which are(B) the product(C) of a single culture(D),ballets is an international art form(E).
2.A mosquito filled(A) with blood is carrying(B) twice it(C) own body weight(D).No error(E)
3.Natural recourses(A) provide raw(B) materials used to(C) produce finished good(D).No error(E)
4.Rome,which was(A) the greatest military power(B) in the ancient world,routinely(C) invaded and conquered its weaker(D) neighbors.No error.(E)
5.Neither singers on stage(A) or(B) the announcer in a wings could be heard(C) over(D) the noise of the crowd.No error(E).

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    Since this is an EXAM, we do not DO it for you. After you choose your answer, someone will check it for you. Or, if you ask any question, we will try to answer it.


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