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Posted by Bayarbold on Friday, June 24, 2011 at 10:01am.

I need a help.I give a examination 2days later.
Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected.
1.By the time(A) we read the paper,the news are old(B),since we've already heard(C) on TV what's happening(D) in the world.
2.Because(A)they had spent too many(B) time considering(C) the new contrast,the students lost the opportunity(D) to lease the apartment.
3.That new person from the head office who(A) is working(B) with us reminds me(C) to(D) my uncle.
4.We needed thousand of pencils(A) for the convention,so(B) we bought the less(C) expensive ones(D) we could find.
5.After John eaten(A)dinner,he wrote(B) several letters(C) and went to bed(D).
I think that best answers are a in1,a in 2,a in 3,b in 4, and a in5.i don't know answers and I couldn't find right answer.
I haven't heard about subject+verb.past participle without have or had.Is there these grammar in english?Why hasn't subject taken have or had?Please explain to me

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