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BIS 155

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You own a small computer service company with only 2 employees. You provide different types of services to regular customers and companies. You have noticed an increase of demand for troubleshooting and support of mobile devices. However, you only support desktop, laptop, networking, and printing devices. Your current staff doesn't have the skills or experience to troubleshoot this type of devices such as mobile phones (iPhone, Android), tablets, or eBook readers.
You have kept a log of each of these inquiries for "mobile device" troubleshooting and support. The list includes the type of device, issue, and customer's name. You feel this is an opportunity for your business and you want to make sure you can serve your customers well and expand your services.

A - Explain how you will use Excel to find out how much support you have been inquired for mobile devices. Include how to identify the number of devices per customer. Be specific.
B - You wish to survey your customers to find out what type of devices they own and their needs. To accomplish this you have created a survey and you must send it via mail to more than 50 customers. However, you dread hand addressing the envelopes. Explain how you might use Excel to make this go faster.
C - If you get the results you expect to get from contacting your customers, you want to be able to do this every month. Explain how you might use Excel to automate the process of separating your list as you did in Part A.
D - You are anticipating your man hours will increase by 20 percent over the next month for every 15 customers your support. You need to hire new employees so you want to gauge the impact on your workforce by including 30, 40, or 50 clients as part of your new strategy. Explain how you might evaluate this using your Excel tools.

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