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A 156-kg coil of sheet steel is .080 mm thick and 50 cm wide. How long is the steel in the coil?

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    Length*Width*Thickness*Density = 156,000 g
    Using the density of steel (in g/cm^3), which you should look up, solve for the length, in cm.
    Thickness = 8*10^-3 cm
    Width = 50 cm

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    I have already explained to you how to do the problem. Don't just parrot the same question back, get busy.

    The density of steel is 7.85 g/cm^3.

    There.. I saved you a step.

    Length = 156,000/[(width)(thickness)*7.85]

    The length units must be in centimeters. Divide the answer by 100 if you want it in meters.

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