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Homework Help: Beautiful Paradise

Posted by mary on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 9:03pm.

I'm making a brochure for my paradise which is Marizondai, and my brochure needs to adress the questions down below. This promotional material has to sell the features of the economic system which I will be putting in place.

Ms. Sue please take a look at the job I've done.


Who would own be able to own private property?

Private Property will be owned by shareholders, who have will have certain rights. ( I used some of your ideas too, thanks a lot for sharing them)

Who would decide what would be produced?

Producers make decisions on what to do and how to do it,. They make these decisions based upon the market. They determine what is in high demand and what will yield the most gain.

Who would be able to consume?

Individuals consume..???

Who would produce the items?

Producers produce goods and services for consumers.

How would they be produced?

Items can be produced by natural resources found on land, gather items and can build machines for better productions.

Would you engage in trade? for what? with who?

Confused about this one..

What items would be provided by the public sector?

Public sector will provide you with services from the government.

What items would be provided by the private sector?

I don't know :S

How would you deal with economic equity, with economic security, with economic stability?

How would you encourage innovation?

Create supportive atmosphere in which people feel free to express their ideas without risk of criticism. Promote openness between individuals and teams.

How would you minimize the disadvantages or potential disadvantages of the free market?

Will not let the government regulate supply. More social responsibility, and individuals who exceed at a higher level at work will get more pay than the ones who don't exceed as well.

How would you minimize the disadvantages of government control?

The price of the products will be determined by the government??

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