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physical science

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A 6 kg bowling ball rolling at 5 m/s strikes a stationary 4 kg bowling ball. If ball #1 is moving forward at 2 m/s after the collision, what is the speed and direction of ball #2? What is the impulse of the system? If the collision last for .5 seconds, how much force is exerted?

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    Initial momentum = 6*5 = 30 kg m/s

    Final momentum is therefore 30
    30 = 6*2 + 4*v
    4 v = 18
    v = 4.5 m/s forward

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    There is no change of momentum of the system so no impulse for the system.
    However there is a change of momentum or impulse for Ball 2 of 18 kg m/s

    Force = change of momentum or impulse / time
    =18/.5 = 36 Newtons

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    A cannon that is 10m long is designed to launch a 10kg ball over a castle wall.
    In order to do this the ball must have a speed of at least 50m/s as it exits the
    cannon. For every 10kg of explosives used, the force on the ball in the cannon
    increases by 1000N. How many kg of explosives should they use?
    2 Gravitation(100pts.)

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