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Posted by Liz on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 12:39am.

In an extensive study involving thousands of British children, Arden and Plomin (2006) found significantly higher variance in the intelligence scores for males than for females. Following are hypothetical data, similar to the results obtained in the study. Note that the scores are not regular IQ scores but have been standardized so that the entire sample has a mean of M _ 10 and a standard deviation of s _ 2.
a. Calculate the mean and the standard deviation for
the sample of n _ 8 females and for the sample of
n _ 8 males.
b. Based on the means and the standard deviations,
describe the differences in intelligence scores for
males and females.
Female Male
9 8
11 10
10 11
13 12
8 6
9 10
11 14
9 9

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