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3. A liquid hydrocarbon (Cx Hy) is found to be 16.37% H by mass. A 1.158-g vaporized sample of the hydrocarbon has a 358 mL volume at 71.0 C and 749 mmHg. what is the molecular formula for this hydrocarbon?

4. A 1.00 g Sample of C7H603 (s), us completely burned in a bomb calorimeter assembly by a temperature increase of 5.80 C is noted. when the calorimeter absorbs 9.37 Kj of heat, its temperature increases by 2.48 C.

-what is the heat capicity of the calorimeter?

- what is the amount of heat given off when 1 mole of C7H6O3 (s) burned? (use qcal= C cal x delta T cal)

5. given that

N2 05 + H2O (l) ---> 2HNO3 (l) delta H = -73.7 KJ

2H2 (g) + 02 (G) ---> 2H2O (L) delta H = -571. 6 KJ

N2 (g) + 3O2 (g) + H2 (g) ---> 2HNO3 (L) delta H = -348.2 KJ

Calculate delta H final (standard enthalpy of formation) if dinitrogen pentoxide gas.

6. A gass effuse 1.55 times fatser than propane C3H8 (g) at the same temperature and pressure.

- is the gas heavier or lighter than propane?

- what is he molar mass of this gas?

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