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AP English Lang. & Comp.

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My Assignment:
Read the book, 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell. After reading the book, create a composition that examines the similarities and differences between the Russian Revolution and the events in this novel. Research any other 'rebellions' that have taken place since the Russian Revolution, and offer those as additional ways with which you examine similarities and differences.

End your composition with your stance on whether or not the Animal Farm rebellion was successful or not.
So, I've read the book, and here are the similarities I'm going to mention.
1) Compare Human Character w/ Animal's
2) Compare Transgression of Events
3) Overall Outcome
4) ...mention some other you think of?

Also, what events are there if any I should mention? Last, but not least, here is my stance.
"Yes, the revolution was a sucesful, just no in the way it was expected to be. The rebellion proves that biting the hand that feeds you isn't the smartest choice. Trying to form a government where it works with the people is better than over-throwing a government for the ideals that are imagined to come true."

--Feedback / Suggestions?

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