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1. There are three forces acting on an object, a 30N force pulling right, a 50N force pushing right, and 30N frictional force pushing left.

a. What is the force of gravity on this 15kg object?
b. If the object is on the ground what is the normal force acting on the object
c. What is the vertical Fnet
d. What is the horizontal Fnet
e. What is the horizontal acceleration
f. What is the coefficient of friction between the object and the ground? (hint: the equation for frictional force only takes into account the normal force and the actual force of friction resisting motion)

Thanks for the help and sorry the question had so many parts to it.

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    a. M*g, down
    b. M*g, up
    c. The net vertical force is zero
    d. Add up the three force vectors you described
    e. (horizontal)Fnet/m
    f. Ffriction/Weight = 30N/(M*g)

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    How do you know that is net vertical force is equal to 0? Also what does Ffriction stand for?

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