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Homework Help: teacher aide examniation number 02604200

Posted by teachers aide and early childhood education settin on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 9:29pm.

1. A common symptom of a behavior disorder is

2. When children have accidents with bowel or bladder control, the teacher aide should

3. When working with behavior disordered children in the classroom, the teacher aide can modify behavior by

4. In a regular school setting, learning challenged children are

5. To help visually impaired children function successfully in the classroom, you should

6. In a regular school, the mainstreaming/inclusion technique is

7. One common physical challenge resulting in poor muscular coordination and speech problems is

8. When lifting and transferring students from a wheelchair, you should

9. Children with a language or speech disorder are

10. Most schools treat behavior disorders in students by using

11. Public law 94-142 mandates that

12. One way to prevent pressure sores in children who must use wheelchairs is to

13. A diagnosis of mental retardation means that a child

14. If a child's hearing aid makes a shrill or piercing noise, you should

15. When working closely with students, a good hygiene practice to follow is to

16. Chemotherapy is a medical treatment that's used to

17. When determining educational settings, learning challenged students are most often placed in

18. When tutoring learning challenged students in academic subjects, you should

19. Two types of wheelchairs used by physically challenged students are the

20. In the classroom, the reverse mainstreaming/inclusion technique is used

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