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Homework Help: Poetry

Posted by Jimmy on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 4:08am.

Decide which word from the word bank belongs in each blank in the statements that follow.

bland / contaminated / devastated / punitive / transcend /
concretely / convey / procrastinating / spontaneous / uniqueness

1. Even though I know doesn't pay, I still put off until next week what I should do today.
2. If there's one food I really cannot stand, it's plain vanilla ice cream - it's much too .
3. You say, "I love you dearly," and you say it very sweetly, but I'd prefer you showed your love a little more . The message in your words is nice. I like to hear you say it,, but giving me some dinner and a hug would help it.
4. Some dogs are trained to aid the deaf or blind. Some dogs, it seems to me, can read your mind. As if they were not dogs, some dogs, I find, the limitations of their kind.
5. The salad's just a carrot; the soup and fruit are canned. This dinner party clearly is , not planned.
6. Of course I'll teach you to make pie, but wash your hands before your try. For no one wants to have dessert ------ by that dirt.
7. Dad knows you didn't mean to break the window with the ball. He knows that what you did was not deliberate at all. You needn't hide beneath the bed. I know I heard him mention that he hasn't any intention.
8. I stand and, hopelessly, I look about at crops all by drought.
9. At times, the evidence of crimes is more than merely hints because of the ----of each person's fingerprints.

Where it's double space I need help :(

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