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bornite(Cu3FeS3)is copper ore used in the production of copper.when heated,the following reaction occurs.2CuFeS3(s)+7oxygen(g)=6Cu(s)+2FeO(s)+6SO2(g)..IF 3.88 metric tons of bornite is reacted with excess oxygen and the process has 75.6 percent yield of copper,what mass of copper in metric is produced ?

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    Your formula for bornite in the reaction is incorrect. You forgot the 3 after Cu

    The molar mass of Cu3FeS3 is 342.53
    The molar mass of Cu is 63.55

    In a completed reaction. 2 moles (684.06 g) of Cu3FeS3 would produce 6 moles (381.30 g) of Cu. That means 55.7% of the bornite mass would become Cu. With a 75.6% yield, that ratio becomes 0.756 x 0.557 or 42.4%

    From 3.88 metric tons of bornite, 1.64 tons of pure copper would be produced.

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