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pre calculous

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use the properties of logarithms to write the expression as a sum or difference of logarithms or multiples of logarithms.
show your work

ln x^2/y^3

Assuming x,y AND z are positive use properties of logariths to write the expression as a single logarithm

logx+log y


4 log(xy)-3 log (yz)

Use change of base to evaluate the logarithm

log tiny 8 175

log small 3 X

  • pre calculous - ,

    there are 3 log properties you will need for the first four.

    1. LogA + logB = log(AB)
    2. logA - logB = log(A/B)
    3. nlogA = log(A^n)

    for log8175
    = log 175/ log 8 , remember when no base is written, assume base 10
    = 2.4837 appr.

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