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You are a botanist hired in the future to make a distant planet, Xyloph, habitable for human life. Your job is to help seed the planet with plant life by working with the Terraforming Team. All four major kinds of plants will be introduced into this new world. You are to help familiarize the Terraforming Team with the four different kinds of plants on Earth.

In three to five well-developed paragraphs, describe each of the four major plant groups. Your description should include, but not be limited to, the following:

• Description of general physical features and characteristics of each plant group.
• Discussion of living conditions where each plant group survives best.
• Explanation of specific a biotic conditions necessary for the success of that group, when applicable

I just need help with the last question about a biotic factors like what do they want to see and how i would know which ones they want.

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