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Instructional materials:Their preparation and Use

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if you could help please do

3. A document camera is more versatile than an opaque
projector because you can use it to

A. record sound.

B. project three-dimensional objects.

C. display book pages on a screen.

D. view colored items.

4. Which one of the following guidelines should you follow when choosing lettering for a
graphic display?

A. Choose the most ornate letter style.

B. Use capital letters for both long and short titles and labels.

C. Use larger letters if the audience will be at a greater distance.

D. Space the letters apart at equal intervals.

5. If you want to check out free audiovisual materials, where would you go?

A. Video rental store

B. Art supply store

C. Teacher supply store

D. County instructional materials center

16. Which machine would you use to project a color picture from a book?

A. Bioscope

B. Slide projector

C. Overhead projector

D. Opaque

My answers are 3) B
4) C
5) D
16) D
again please help

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