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Homework Help: Algebra II

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Multiple Choice (theta) means the symbol 0 with the dash in it.

1.)Which expression is equivalent to tan(theta)-(sec(theta))/(sin(theta))?


2.)Find the exact value of:cos 375 degrees

A.)(sq root 6- sq root 2)/4
B.)(sq root 6 + sq root 2)/4
C.)(sq root 2 - sq root 6)/4
D.)-(sq root 2 - sq root 6)/4

3.)Which expression is equivalent to: cos ((theta)+pie/2).

A.)cos (theta)

4.)Find the exact value of sin 2(theta) if cos(theta)=(- sq root5)/2 and 180 degrees<(theta)<270 degrees.

B.)(-4 sq root 5)/9
D.)(4 Sq root 5)/9

5.)Find the exact value of sin (theta)/2 if cos(theta)=2/3 and 270 degrees<(theta)<360 degrees.

C.)sq root 6/6
D.)(- sq root 6)/6

6.)Find the exact value of cos105 degrees by using a half-angle formula.

A.)(sq root2-sq root 3)/2
B.)-(sq root 2- sq root 3)/2
C.)-(sq root 2+ sq root 3)/2
D.)(sq root 2+ sq root 3)/2

7.)Find the solution of sin2 (theta)=cos (theta) if (theta degrees)<=(theta)<180 degrees.

A.)30 degrees and 90 degrees
B.) 30 degrees and 150 degrees
C.)30 degrees, 90 degrees, 150 degrees
D.)0 degrees, 90 degrees, and 150 degrees

8.)An insect population P in a certain area fluctuates with the seasons. it is estimated that P=17,000+4500sin(pie t)/52, where t is given in weeks. Determine the number of weeks it would take for the population to initially reach 20,000.

A.)12 weeks
B.)692 weeks
C.)38 weeks
D.)42 weeks

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