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A box is filled with 6 cans of tennis balls. If the emply space was filled with sand, how much sand is needed to fill the box?
Each can has a radius of 2 in. Height of box is 12in.

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    Wow, those are some huge tennis balls.


    making some assumptions:
    there are 3 balls in a can
    the box is filled with cans in a 3by2 arrangement.

    radius of one can= 2
    height of can = 12 , (3 times the diameter)
    volume of one can = π(2^2)(12) = 48π
    so volume of 6 cans = 288π

    length of box = 12 , (3 diameters)
    width of box = 8 , (2 diameters
    height of box = 12

    volume of box = 12(8)(12) = 1152

    empty space = 1152-288π or appr. 247 cubic inches.

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