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Hi! I'm a Belgian student and I've just taken a French-to-English translation exam. Here's what I wrote. Can you check the English (spelling, grammar, syntax...), please? Thanks :)

You belong to the CIA!

Joe came into our room. It was very early, the sun was barely rising and I was still lying. He threw the newspaper on the bed, saying, “That (expletive) did it.” I read the article and understood. Robert Novak, a journalist, had revealed the fact that I belonged to the CIA. I immediately thought about the network I had set up throughout the years. I thought about my family’s safety. I thought about my career, about this job that I loved and about my efforts to fight chemical, bacteriological and nuclear proliferation. It made me sick. There are quite a few crazy people who think that we are hiding microphones in our teeth and who want to check. But most of all, terrorist groups, for whom the CIA is the enemy, were now aware of my situation. Defining someone from the Agency as a target had suddenly become a piece of cake.

Because my husband, a diplomat, published an article in which he suspected the inexistence of an Iraqi nuclear program, on July 14, 2003, the administration is taking its revenge by revealing in the press the fact that I am a member of the CIA. It was a federal crime. I felt so vulnerable. Our names were on the list of citizens’ telephone numbers. Whoever wanted to find us wouldn’t have any problem to do it. Now, whenever I walked down the street, I felt like “CIA” was written on my forehead.

It was the first time the name of a spy was being revealed by someone at the administration. The Bush administration violated our values, our rights and our Constitution systematically and repeatedly. The damages are huge, the war in Iraq being the biggest one. Moral principles, the United States’ image, its ethics in the world, its credibility: all of those were affected by that administration.

  • Correction (English text) -

    I was still lying. = incomplete because that could mean "telling a lie" and I"m quite sure you intend "lying in bed."

    @#$%^&er = means that is unacceptable word to use on Jiskha. (shame on you!) (dommage!)

    Sentences 3 & 4 could be combined. Rather than using simple sentences, complex sentences mean your command of the English is "superior."

    iraqi should be capitalized = Iraqi

    This was so interesting to read! In my humble opinion, you have done a masterful job! KUDOS to you.

    Sra (aka Mme)
    (Et oui, je parle français)

  • Correction (English text) -

    Thank you so much! :D

  • Correction (English text) -

    You are entirely welcome!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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