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at 40 degree C , the vapour pressure of water is 55.3 mm of hg. calculate the vapour pressure at same temp. of 10%aques solution of urea??

  • chem -

    PH2O = Xsoln*PoH2O
    10% urea = 10g urea/(10g urea+90g H2O)
    moles urea = grams/molar mass urea.
    moles H2O = grams/molar mass H2O.
    XH2O = moles H2O/total moles.
    Then plug this X for H2O into the equation at the top, multiply by 55.3 mm.

  • typo -

    The first equation should read this way.
    Psoln = XH2O*PoH2O

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